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[edit] Bartz

Bartz is a rogue, a traveller with no fixed abode. An orphan, he travels with his chocobo, Boko. Until, that is, the crystals begin to crack, and meteors fall, and he is dragged into the situation.

Later, it is revealed that his father was one of the original Crystal Warriors, whose mantle his son must now take up.

[edit] Faris

Faris is a pirate with a secret. She's female, as is revealed a short time after meeting her. As far as her crew and the general public are concerned she's male, which is probably safest.

Faris has a pet sea snake, which enables her ship to move even without any wind. Later, it is revealed that she is Tycoon's daughter, and Reina/Lenna's long-lost elder sister, Salsa/Sarisa.

[edit] Lenna/Reina

King Tycoon's daughter, the Princess of Tycoon.

[edit] Galuf

An old man with amnesia. It is later revealed that he was one of the original crystal warriors, and is the king of an alternate world, having travelled to this one by meteor. Following his death, his granddaughter Krile replaces him as a party member, inheriting all his levels and jobs.

[edit] Krile

Galuf's granddaughter, a young princess who can talk to animals. She becomes playable after Galuf dies against Ex-Death.

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