100 Shinra Troops

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100 Shinra Troops
Mission No.: 1-1-4
Navigation: Shinra Electric Power Company->
Training Missions->
100 Shinra Troops
Prerequisite: Complete Mission 1-1-3
Reward: Black Belt
Unlocks: Mission 1-1-5

100 Shinra Troops is a mission from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. For a complete list, visit Missions (Crisis Core).

[edit] Introduction

It's another practice session, but with powered-up infantrymen...and more of them! This should be pretty tough even for a SOLDIER operative. Give it all you've got.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Strategy

Go about this mission the same way you did the previous one. Use either a strong magic spell to target the group of infantry, or let them surround you and unleash an Assault Twister+. Watch out for the grenades, which deplete MP instead of HP. After you defeat the group of Special Ops Officers, you will face one Sergeant Major. Use this time to heal if you need to and take a breather. Use critical attacks on the Sergeant Major and face the next wave the same way you did the first. Continue this strategy until the mission is complete.

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