A Hero's Charge

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Mission 04 - A Hero's Charge
An Adroa casts a nasty spell on the party!
Target Enemy Adroa
Cie'th Stone Location Yaschas Massif - Tsubaddran Highlands
Target Enemy's Location Yaschas Massif - The Ascendant Scarp
Class D
Unlock Condition Complete Mission 02
Reward Pearl Necklace

A Hero's Charge is a mission in Final Fantasy XIII. For a complete list, see Missions (FFXIII).

[edit] Strategy For Victory

Once you've completed Mission 02 - Goodwill Hunting, the Cie'th Stone for this mission will become active. After accepting the mission, your enemies location will be represented by that same pink star on the map that represents every enemy you'll be fighting during these missions. Follow the star to its location and begin the battle.

This battle won't be as easy as your previous encounters, as there are six enemies starting it off - and one of your enemies have the ability to call allies into the battle. All together, there are four Adroa and two Verdelet. The two Verdelet, as I've mentioned have the ability to call allies such as the Ugallu into battle against you, so they should be your primary targets as soon as you begin the battle. In all honesty, if they do bring in a good number of allies before you kill them, I'd personally just restart the fight and try to take them down before they repeat that process. There are a number of Paradigms that you can use for this battle, but the best at the beginning, while you're taking down the Verdelet, would be one that had two Commando units. The last could either be a Medic or a Sentinel. In this situation, I prefer medic as it helps keep me from having to switch my Paradigm every so often to heal. Your enemies have a pretty low stagger rate, as well as low HP - but this is complimented by their immunity to numerous magical attacks and abilities, so it's best to just go all out with melee assaults on them.

If your Lightning isn't exactly as advanced in her Paradigms as she could be right now, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to equip her with the Platinum Bangle that you received for completing Mission 03 - Massif Contamination to keep her HP up, as well as keep her alive while you try and kill your enemies. It isn't exactly frowned upon to release Odin at anytime during this battle if you're about to be defeated either. Remember, after using an Edolin, all of your party members are revived and returned to full health - something that could be pretty useful if your resident Medic is dead and you're all out of Phoenix Downs.

After completing the battle in a victorious burst of glory, you'll receive a Pearl Necklace. Do with it what you will, as it isn't exactly the most important item you'll receive. The Platinum Bangle you were given for completing Mission 03 is much more useful and will help you a great deal more than this necklace will.

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