Agnès Oblige

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Agnès Oblige
Agnes Oblige.png
Artwork for Agnès Oblige
Kana アニエス・オブリージュ
Romaji Aniesu・Oburījyu
Age JP.png 17
US.png/EU.png 20
Home Ancheim
Game appearances Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies
Voice Actors JP.png Ami Koshimizu
US.png Erin Fitzgerald

Agnès Oblige is one of the main characters in Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies. She is the vestal of the Wind Crystal and follows the Crystal Spirits on her journey.


[edit] Story

When the Wind Crystal becomes corrupt with Darkness, Agnès starts of a journey to purify it of the evil it has become home to. She met Airy on a hill in the location of the Great Chasm, where she also met Tiz the first time. Throughout her journey she is relentlessly pursued by the forces of Ethernia in an attempt to take the power of the Crystals and those that control them.

[edit] Character Design & Personality

Agnès' general appearance changes depending on the Job assigned to her at the time. The most noticeable feature about her is her black hair.

Agnès is very devoted to the crystal she serve, and eventually to all of them, thus she embarked on the journey to find out what the Great Chasm is and its relation to the darkness that surrounded the crystals. Because of the secluded life she had, she is very suspicious of and does not easily trust people until they have proven themselves.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Road to Dragons

Agnès appeared with Tiz in Road to Dragons where we see her as either a Freelancer, Performer or Valkyrie.

  • Freelancer: Has Elixir as the active ability and Dark Element Damage Reduction as the party ability.
  • Performer: Has Power of Love as the active ability and Voltage as the party ability.
  • Valkyrie: Has Jump as the active ability and Spear Knowledge as the party ability.

[edit] Gallery

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