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Alexander is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series. He is often associated with Holy magic.


[edit] Final Fantasy VI

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Alexander is an Esper found in the Throne room of Doma after Cyan's dream.

Level Bonus: None

MP Cost: 90

Special Move: Judgement (Divine Judgment)

  • Description: A light beam attack which causes Pearl (Holy)-Elemental damage.
Ability Acquisition Rate
Holy X2
Shell X10
Protect X10
Dispel X10
Esuna X15

[edit] Final Fantasy VII

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Element: Holy

Location: The Great Glacier

Attack: Judgement

Cost: 120MP

Equip Effects: Magic +1, M.Def +1, MaxHP -5%, MaxMP +5%

[edit] Final Fantasy VIII

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Alexander is obtained by drawing him from Edea in your second battle with her in Galbadia Garden, as well as from Catoblepas in Ultimecia's Castle. Alexander uses a Holy element attack called Holy Judgment. He can learn the abilities Revive (revives a fallen party member completely), Med Lv Up (levels up medicine), and Med Data (increases the effect of medicine). It also is able to refine Mid-level magic into High-level magic.

GF Level GF HP GF Attack Power
1 N/A N/A
10 N/A N/A
25 1925 1350
30 2266 1542
40 2954 1920
50 3650 2298
60 4354 2676
70 5066 3054
80 5786 3432
90 6514 3810
100 7250 4188

Ability AP
Spr-J Pre-Learned
Magic Pre-Learned
GF Pre-Learned
Draw Pre-Learned
Item Pre-Learned
Ability x3 Pre-Learned
Elem-Atk-J 160
Elem-Defx2 Pre-Learned
Elem-Defx4 180
Spr+20% 60
Spr+40% 120
Revive 200
Med Data 200
SumMag+10% 40
SumMag+20% 70
SumMag+30% 140
GFHP+10% 40
GFHP+20% 70
GFHP+30% 140
Boost 10
High Mag-RF 60
Med Lv Up 120

[edit] Final Fantasy IX

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Alexander fights Bahamut

Alexander is an Eidolon only summoned within a cutscene in Final Fantasy IX, after Eiko Carol descends from the airship built by Regent Cid. Alexander appears as an enormous castle adorned with angelic, snow white wings. Alexander also appears to be part of Alexandria Castle itself, suggested even further by the similar names. Alexander casts Holy Judgement/Judgement to eradicate Bahamut after Kuja's use in an assault upon Alexandria. Shortly after, Garland, while in command of the Invincible, unleashes a massive beam of destructive energy and destroys Alexander and much of the area surrounding Alexandria Castle. Alexander, sadly, is not available as an in-game summon.

[edit] Final Fantasy XII

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Alexander mini.jpg

The Alexander was the main airship involved in part with the invasion of the Kiltias at Mt. Bur-Omisace and those refugees which had gone there for protection. At the time, the vessel was under the command of Judge Zargabaath, with orders to bring Larsa back to Archadia. This attack also corresponded with an assault on the ground by Judge Bergan who is killed in combat.

[edit] Final Fantasy XIII

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Hope & Alexander

Main Article: Alexander (FFXIII)

Alexander is Hope Estheim's personal summon. He is obtained in Vallis Media during Chapter 11. In Gestalt Mode, Alexander turns into a huge fortress.

[edit] Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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Main Article: Alexander (Dissidia)

Alexander appears in Dissidia in both Auto and Manual summonstones. His Auto summon is modeled after the Final Fantasy VII version, while the Manual summon is modeled after the Final Fantasy VIII version. His Manual summon effect lasts longer than the Auto summon.

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