Alexander (FFXIII)

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Alexander in Gestalt Mode with Hope

Alexander is Hope Estheim's Eidolon in Final Fantasy XIII. He is acquired in Vallis Media during Chapter 11. Hope's Gestalt Gauge will increase as he drives up enemy chain gauges, bestows positive status enhancements on allies, removes negative status ailments from allies, and heals. In Gestalt Mode, Alexander turns into an enormous fortress.


[edit] Normal Abilities

Name ATB Cost Description
Steelcrusher 1 Deals physical damage to an enemy
Obliterator 1 Deals heavy physical damage to an enemy
Soaring Uppercut 1 Deals physical damage to an enemy and launches it in the air
Blast Punch 1 Deals physical damage to a distant enemy
Explosive Fist 3 Deals physical damage to enemies in a wide range
Lofty Challenge 1 Forces enemies in range to attack Alexander
Curaga 1 Restores a large amount of HP to an ally
Arise Auto Revives an ally from KO with full HP and no status ailments

[edit] Gestalt Mode Abilities

Name Cost Action (PS3/Xbox) Description
Purification 4 Up + X Button.png / Xbox A.jpg Deals physical damage to enemies in front of Alexander; inflicts Deshell
Earthquake 4 (2) Down + X Button.png / Xbox A.jpg Deals damage based on proximity & launches staggered enemies; chainable by repeating Action
Brutal Sanction 4 (2) Left or Right + X Button.png / Xbox A.jpg Deals magic damage to nearby and falling enemies; chainable by repeating Action
Retributive Blast 5 Circle Button.png / Xbox B.jpg Deals damage to enemies in a wide range, launches staggered enemies, & inflicts Deprotect
Divine Judgment All Triangle Button.png / Xbox Y.jpg Deals damage to all enemies based on their weaknesses

[edit] Boss Battle

Alexander (FFXIII)
Type Others
Sub-Type Eidolons
Location Vallis Media

Alexander is encountered as a boss in Vallis Media.

[edit] Stats

Level HP Strength Magic
- - 850 850
Stagger Chain Res CP
None 85 0
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth
- - - - - -
Physical Magical
- -
Status Effects
Deprotect Deshell Slow Poison Imperil Curse
70% 70% Immune Immune 70% 70%
Pain Fog Daze Death Dispel Provoke
Immune Immune Immune - - 100%
Other Information
Location Vallis Media
Drops -
Attacks/Abilities Blast Punch, Doom, Double Punch, Explosive Fist, Lofty Challenge, Obliterator, Soaring Uppercut
Other Yields to those who amass chain bonuses. Yields to those who heal the wounded. Yields to those who strengthen their allies.

[edit] Strategy

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