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Alexandria is a location in Gaia in Final Fantasy IX. It is the capital city of the nation of the same name found on the Mist Continent. It is the hometown of both Garnet til Alexandros XVII and Adelbert Steiner.

[edit] Shops

Doug's Item Shop
Item Cost
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 150 gil
Phoenix Down 150 gil
Echo Screen 50 gil
Soft 100 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drop 50 gil
Remedy 300 gil
Annoytment 150 gil
Tent 800 gil

Alexandria Weapon Supply
Item Cost
Mythril Dagger 950 gil
Gladius 2300 gil
Ice Brand 3780 gil
Partisan 1600 gil
Ice Lance 2430 gil
Cat's Claws 4000 gil
Poison Knuckles 5000 gil
Stardust Rod 760 gil
Healing Rod 1770 gil
Lamia's Flute 3800 gil
Flame Staff 1100 gil
Ice Staff 980 gil
Lightning Staff 1200 gil
Oak Staff 2400 gil
Pinwheel 2000 gil
Glass Armlet 250 gil
Bone Wrist 330 gil
Mythril Armlet 500 gil
Magic Armlet 1000 gil
Mythril Gloves 980 gil
Thunder Gloves 1200 gil
Lamia's Tiara 980 gil
Ritual Hat 1000 gil
Twist Headband 1200 gil
Barbut 600 gil
Mythril Helm 1000 gil
Gold Helm 1800 gil
Magician Cloak 1850 gil
Surivial Vest 2900 gil
Brigandine 4399 gil
Mythril Armor 1830 gil
Plate Mail 2320 gil

Alchemist's Synthesis Shop
Item Cost Required
The Ogre 700 gil Mage Masher (x2)
Exploda 1000 gil Mage Masher, Mythril Dagger
Rune Tooth 2000 gil Mythril Dagger (x2)
Angel Bless 9000 gil Mythril Dagger, Gladius
Cotton Robe 1000 gil Wrist, Steepled Hat
Silk Robe 2000 gil Silk Shirt, Bandana
Magician Robe 3000 gil Mage Staff, Magician Cloak
Glass Buckle 500 gil Glass Armlet, Leather Wrist
Germinas Boots 900 gil Desert Boots, Fork
Cachusha 1000 gil Magus Hat, Rubber Helmet
Coral Ring 1200 gil Lightning Staff, Rod
Gold Choker 1300 gil Linen Cuirass, Soft
Magician Shoes 1500 gil Germinas Boots, Bone Wrist
Barette 1800 gil Needle Fork, Barbut
Fairy Earrings 3200 gil Magic Armlet, Soft
Extension 3500 gil Lamia's Tiara, Multina Racket
Reflect Ring 7000 gil Anklet, Madain's Ring
Anklet 4000 gil Gold Choker, Peridot
Feather Boots 4000 gil Magician Shoes, Phoenix Pinion
Black Belt 4000 gil Twist Headband, Survival Vest
Pearl Rouge 5000 gil Moonstone, Elixir

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