Amarant Coral

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Amarant Coral
Alternative Name Salamander (JP)
Job Bounty Hunter
Weapon Claw

Amarant Coral is one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy IX. He is a mysterious bounty hunter hired by Queen Brahne of Alexandria in the hopes to capture Princess Garnet and assassinate Vivi. Though a solemn character, Amarant is an honourable fighter who would readily die for a worthy opponent.

His quest to find Princess Garnet led him to find and fight Zidane at Madain Sari where he was defeated, and having lost, he joined the party. However, this was not the first time that the two had met, and not the first time that Amarant had been defeated by Zidane.

A young Zidane had once inadvertently set up and tricked Amarant, which caused him to desire revenge against Zidane. However, when they finally met again, he saw the Zidane's kindness and virtue, making him understand as to why he lost.

The Japanese name for Amarant was Salamander, with 'Red' being the nickname of his axe-weilding partner, Lani.

[edit] Quotes

"I'm not here to help. I just want it to be fair."
"The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty."
"Damn hypocrite. Always talking about friendship, when you're nothing but a selfish loner."
"Blind pursuit of power is a meaningless vice."

[edit] Gallery

Artwork of Amarant by Amano

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