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Anna appearing to Edward in Kaipo

Anna is a character from Final Fantasy IV and was the daughter of Tellah the Sage. She was also the wife of Edward Chris von Muir, prince of Damcyan, making her the queen of Damcyan.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV

Anna fled to Damcyan with Edward because her father did not approve of their relationship, believing that Edward was just a lowly Bard and refused to give his blessing. Unable to remain in Kaipo without his blessing, Anna ran off with Edward to Damcyan Castle and eloped. When the Red Wings bombed the castle under the command of Golbez, Anna was fatally wounded shielding Edward from the enemies arrows. Before she died, she apologized to her father for being selfish and running away, then told Edward she loved him. Wounded by her death, her father ran away to search for the ancient Meteor spell to destroy Golbez. Edward, equally hurt by her death, then assists Cecil and Rydia by taking them to the Antlion, leaving Anna's body within the castle.

Anna's last breath

Anna's spirit appears to Edward in Kaipo that night, telling him to be brave and to help Cecil stop Golbez from recieving the crystals. Before she rejoins the spirit, she asks him to share his love and music to the world, just like he had with her.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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Anna's spirit appears to Edward.

[edit] Quotes

"Edward... I... Love you..." (Final Words)
"Edward, you must be brave. Golbez cannot be allowed to have the crystals."
"You gave your love to me once. Now share it with the world." (to Edward)

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