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Archer (FFT)
Male & Female Archers

Archer is one of the first physical jobs that can be unlocked in Final Fantasy Tactics. Archers can use long-range weapons called Bows. This Job is well balanced, focusing on Speed, Defense, and Magic Resistance. Good for beginners.


[edit] Job Prerequisite

The only prerequisite for this job is that the unit you wish to become an Archer must be at least a level 2 Squire.

[edit] Job Ability: Charge

The ability for this job is called Charge, which skips your Act for the unit's current turn to use a more powerful attack later on. The main drawback is that the stronger the charge attack, the longer the charge time becomes. Unless an enemy unit is afflicted with Stop or Slow, using higher level Charge attacks could give them ample time to move away from the targeted panel, thus wasting your time.

Note: All ability names are from the original PS1 version of Final Fantasy Tactics

Ability Name Effect Charge Time MP Cost Required JP
Charge+1 0 100
Charge+2 0 150
Charge+3 0 200
Charge+4 0 250
Charge+5 0 300
Charge+7 0 400
Charge+10 0 600
Charge+20 0 1000

[edit] Reaction Abilities

Ability Name Effect Trigger Required JP
Speed Save Raise Speed. HP Damage. 800
Arrow Guard Evade bow/crossbow attack. Bow/Crossbow attack. 450

[edit] Support Abilities

Ability Name Effect Required JP
Equip Crossbow Equip crossbows regardless of the unit's current job. 350
Concentrate Enemy units cannot evade attacks if they are in the targeted panel(s). 400

[edit] Movement Abilities

Ability Name Effect Required JP
Jump+1 Increase jump elevation by 1. 200

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