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Archer (FFTA)
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Archer is a base long-range job of Humes and Viera in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


[edit] Abilities


Masters of the long-range weapon, Archers are invaluable as a party asset. An essential long-range addition to your team, their immobilizing abilities are useful as a support or part of a large strategy.

[edit] Action-Abilities

Ability Effect Learn From AP Cost
Boost Improves Weapon Attacks Longbow 100 AP
Aim:Arm Disables the target Nail Bow 200 AP
Aim:Legs Immobilizes the target Thorn Bow 200 AP
Cupid Charms the target Artemis Bow 200 AP
Burial Removes target zombified unit from the battle Silver Bow 200 AP
Blackout Inflicts Darkness on the target Char Bow 200 AP
Take Aim Never-Miss, but low damage Yoichi Bow 300 AP
Faster Negates the targets R-Ability Perseus Bow 300 AP

[edit] Reaction-Abilities

Ability Effect Learn From AP Cost
Block Arrows Blocks all Bow based attacks Green Beret 300 AP

[edit] Support-Abilities

Ability Effect Learn From AP Cost
Concentrate Improves accuracy and damage Target Bow 300 AP

[edit] Combo

The Archer's combo is "Bow Combo", and can be learnt from the Mythril Bow, for 100 AP.

[edit] Prospects

The Archer is a good base for the long-range side of your team, until you gain access to Gunners, or Snipers. They're an essential part of a balanced party.

The Hume archer can become a Hunter after learning 2 Archer A-abilities.

The Viera Archer can become a Sniper once 2 Archer A-abilities have been learnt. Also of note, the Concentrate support ability is perhaps the most useful one available to an offensively oriented viera, in collabaration with the Assassin's skills, it yields great effect.

[edit] Equippable Items

Archers can equip only the basic of clothing and hats; Viera archers can equip ribbons. They use basic 2-handed bows as a weapon, and as such do not use shields.





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