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Archer (FFTA2)
Viera Archer.png
A Viera Archer

Archer is a job that can be used by Hume and Viera in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It can be use by Humes after mastering 1 Soldier A-Ability


[edit] Abilities

[edit] Action Abilities

Ability Name Weapon Effect AP MP Range
Focus Longbow Increase amount of damage afflicted with next regular attack 100 0 -
Burial Silver Bow Totally destroys Undead targets, disallowing them to come back 200 0 -
Take Aim Yoichi Bow Cause 50% damage to target, but with 100% accuracy 200 0 -
Blackout Char Bow Inflict "Blind" status to target 250 0 -
Leg Shot Thorn Bow Inflict "Immobilize" status to target 250 0 -
Lightning Strike Perseus Bow Causes damage to target, disregarding equipped R-Abilities 300 0 -
Arm Shot Nail Bow Inflict "Disable" status to target 350 0 -
Cupid Artemis Bow Inflict "Charm" status to target 450 0 -

[edit] Reaction Abilities

Ability Name Equipment Effect AP
Archer's Bane Green Beret Dodge all arrows shot in your direction 200

[edit] Passive Abilities

Ability Name Equipment Effect AP
Concentration Target Bow Raises the accuracy of all abilities by 5% 250

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