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Ark is a summon and a boss fight that appears in Final Fantasy IX. The party is attacked by Ark in Oeilvert. You can get Ark as a summon for Garnet by forging two Pumice Pieces to create Pumice. You must first progress to Disc 4 and Memoria where you can find Hades. Once you're in Memoria you have to get to the area where Quina attempts to swim. Look around that screen. Behind the coral and you should run into Hades. You must battle him to get Ark (he is optional otherwise) as he is the person who will forge both pieces of the pumice stone together for you. When Garnet is equipped with the Pumice, she will learn to summon Ark. Ark's special attack is Eternal Darkness which deals Shadow damage to all enemies.

[edit] Stats

38 20002 1374 51 17 6 27 10 5 0 5964

Steal: Elixir, Power Vest, Holy Lance

Drop: Pumice Piece, Ether

Card: Atomos

Weakness: Wind

Immunity: Earth

[edit] Strategy

Ark's attacks include Boomerang, Propeller Wind, Whirlwind, and Photon. Propeller Wind will cast Confuse on your party members, so go into the battle with Clear-Headed equipped. Photon is the worst because it will reduce one ally's HP to only one. Heal them quickly before they are killed by either Boomerang or Whirlwind, which are just regular attacks. Mix in regular attacks and Wind magic (which is its weakness) until this boss goes down.

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