Armed Challenge

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Armed Challenge
Mission No.: 1-2-5
Navigation: Shinra Electric Power Company->
Peacekeeping Troops->
Armed Challenge
Prerequisite: Complete Mission 1-2-4
Reward: Ice Armlet
Unlocks: Mission 1-2-6

Armed Challenge is a mission from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. For a complete list, visit Missions (FFVII:CC).


[edit] Introduction

Members of the Security Department have sent SOLDIER yet another challenge to a joint training session. It seems they have succeeded in securing funds and have new weapons at their disposal. We in SOLDIER never blame a loss on the budget. Win the session and teach them the meaning of dignity.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Chests

  • Potion (center)
  • Hi-Potion (west)
  • Remedy (southwest)

[edit] Strategy

When you come to the intersection, if you want the Hi-Potion and Remedy chests, head north. After grabbing the chests, backtrack and take the southern path. Grab the Potion in front of the boss. Beware of the Silent Gas attack if you are relying on magic attacks. Focus on one at a time and try to get as many critical hits as you can.

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