Auric Amulet

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Auric Amulet
Rank 2
Upgrade to Soulfont Talisman Lv.1
Upgrade Catalyst Perovskite
Synth Group Magic Defense
Exp to Star.png 600

Auric Amulet is an accessory in Final Fantasy XIII that casts Shell on the user when their HP is low, but only once per battle.

[edit] How to Acquire

  • Purchase: Magical Moments-Ch.5 (5000 gil)
  • Treasure: The Vile Peaks-Scrap Processing (Ch.4)
  • Treasure: Fifth Ark-Inner Conduit (Ch.10)
  • Dismantle: Tetradic Crown Star.png

[edit] Star.png Dismantles to

  • Segmented Carapace x5
  • Piezoelectric Element x1

[edit] Bonus Levels

Level Property Exp Cost Sell Price
1 Critical: Shell 0 2500 gil
Star.png Critical: Shell 600 2520 gil
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