Bahamut Fayth

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The Bahamut Fayth

Bahamut Fayth is a non-playable character that appears in the Final Fantasy X series.

[edit] Final Fantasy X

This fayth is in the form of a young boy who represents the aeon Bahamut whose statue is in Bevelle. He is the only fayth to have a part in the storyline. It is clear who's aeon is his by his jacket, which bears Bahamut's wheel. He appears to represent the fayth as a group, and is instrumental to the game's party. The Bahamut Fayth first appears in Dream Zanarkand to Tidus, but remains a mysterious figure. He later informs Tidus of his true identity as a dream of the fayth, and asks him to defeat Sin and his father, Jecht, to allow the fayth to rest.

[edit] Final Fantasy X-2

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The fayth have become corrupted by Shuyin, making them unwilling participants in his plan to destroy Spira. The Bahamut Fayth once again represents the fayth, asking Yuna to help free them from Shuyin's hold. At the end of the game, he asks Yuna if she would like to see "him" again, resulting in Tidus' "rebirth" in Besaid.

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