Bartz Klauser

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Bartz Klauser is the main playable protagonist of Final Fantasy V. The hero of the story, Bartz is a rogue, a traveler with no fixed abode. An orphan, he travels with his chocobo, Boko in search of adventure. Until, that is, the crystals begin to crack, and meteors fall, and he is dragged into the situation.

Later, it is revealed that his father was one of the original Crystal Warriors, whose mantle his son must now take up.


[edit] Final Fantasy V

Bartz (FFV).jpg

The headstrong young warrior, and hero of this tale who travels the world with his Chocobo, Boco. Leaving his home village of Lix behind, he has spent his days adventuring in the hopes that he could find a purpose in life. After having met up with Lenna and Galuf at the crash site of Galuf's meteor, Bartz reluctantly joins the two on a quest that will eventually lead him beyond any of his expectations.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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Bartz Dissidia.png

Bartz is a Warrior of Cosmos representing Final Fantasy V, and opposing Exdeath.

[edit] Abilities

Bravery Attacks
Name Acquired Type CP (M) AP for Mastery Description Additional Effect
Ascendent Lance Initial Ground 35 (15) 120 tosses shield at enemy, bringing them closer, then attacks six times to knock enemy away Wall Rush
Reel Impulse Initial Ground 35 (15) 120 tosses axe at enemy, bringing them closer, then attacks them with daggers Wall Rush
Storm Shot Initial Aerial 35 (15) 120 spin attack with daggers, then attacks with Brotherhood to knock away Wall Rush
Holy Initial Aerial 25 (10) 120 fires five balls of Holy-element at enemy Chase
Climbarrel Level 3 Ground 35 (20) 120 attack with Buster Sword, then Griever gunblade, launching enemy into the air Chase
Solid Ascension Level 10 Ground 35 (20) 120 attack with Griever gunblade four times, then WoL's sword twice to launch enemy into the air Chase, Wall Rush
Slidehazard Level 28 Aerial 35 (15) 120 attack with Brotherhood twice, then with Buster Sword to knock enemy down Wall Rush

HP Attacks
Name Acquired Type CP (M) AP for Mastery Description Additional Effect
Soul Eater Initial Ground 45 (25) 180 attack with sword, then tosses dark energy orb at enemy Wall Rush
Wind Shear Initial Aerial 45 (25) 180 spins in the air, pulling enemy in and striking several times Absorb, Wall Rush
Flood Level 19 Ground 45 (25) 180 three geysers of water shoot from underneath enemy, launching them into the air none
Paladin Force Level 38 Aerial 45 (25) 180 fires beams of light at enemy, then attacks them with sword knocking them down Wall Rush

Brave to HP Attack
Name Type CP (M) AP for Mastery Chained From Description Additional Effect
Flare Aerial 45 (25) 180 Holy three beams of energy shoot at enemy, then explode none

[edit] Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

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Bartz returns as a Warrior of Cosmos in the sequel to Dissidia.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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Bartz Klauser Theatrhythm.jpg

Bartz will represent Final Fantasy V in this upcoming 3DS rhythm game.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

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Bartz returns in the sequel to represent Final Fantasy V.

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Bartz appears as a Legendary character.

[edit] Final Fantasy All the Bravest

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Bartz ATB.png

Bartz appears as one of the random purchasable Premium characters in the shop.

[edit] Gallery

Bartz Klauser Dissidia.jpg
Artwork of Bartz in Dissidia
Bartz Ex Dissidia.png
Bartz's Ex Mode in Dissidia
Bartz Alternate Dissidia.png
Bartz's Alternate form in Dissidia
Bartz Alt1 Ex.png
Bartz's Ex Mode for his first alternate costume in Dissidia
Bartz Dissidia Freelancer.png
Bartz's Freelancer costume in Dissidia
Bartz Freelancer Ex.png
Bartz's Ex Mode for his Freelancer costume in Dissidia
Bartz Dancer.png
Bartz's Dancer costume is DLC for Dissidia 012

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