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[edit] Synopsis

As a strategy-based role-playing game, Final Fantasy Tactics stands apart from other Final Fantasy titles in gameplay. Battles are conducted on an isometric 3-D plane, consisting of panels. The size, shape, ridges, and depth of each field differ, structured to create unique environments in which characters and enemies interact.

[edit] Movement

An example of movement range
Units must make their way across a board by moving from one panel to another. Each unit has a Move attribute, 3 being the basis for a generic human character. The higher a unit's Move, the larger his or her movement range.

A unit also has a Jump attribute, which determines if they can move across varying heights on the field without obstruction. All units have a Movement ability that can be equipped from their learned skills, purchased by Job Points (JP) in their respective classes. A Squire can learn "Move +1", which will increase their movement by one point. Jump can be increased similarly. These expand throughout the game, and more advanced abilities include "Teleport" and "Ignore Height". Equipped accessory items, such as boots, can also assist a unit's movement, whether by adding to their stats, or allowing them to float one Height (h) unit above their panel, or walking over any terrain without problems. Height is an attribute given to every panel on a battle plane, shown in the top right corner of the screen as # h, the "#" being any number representing the relative height of the panel to the base height given to a field.

[edit] Actions

Any actions taken by a unit in battle are selected from the Act menu. A standard hit is used by "Attack", which utilizes the unit's equipped weapon in order to inflict damage upon the target. A unit's job determines their initial skillset, a Squire's being "Basic Skill", a Chemist's being "Item", and so on. A secondary skillset can be equipped as well, allowing the unit to utilize the skills of any job that they can access.

Wait, while not technically an "Action", is another option in battle that allows a character to remain in place without acting, and can be used with or without movement. When selected, the unit's Charge Time (CT) will jump to 20, rather than being completely reset to 0. When CT reaches 100, that character takes their turn.

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