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FFTIII Beatrix.jpg
Age 28
Gender Female
Weapon Save the Queen (sword)

Beatrix is a temporarily playable character from Final Fantasy IX.


[edit] Boss Battles

[edit] Battle 1

[edit] Strategy

First off, before entering battle I suggest you are at least level 15. Make sure you grabbed the Mythril Spear for Freya, and the lightning staff for Vivi. Also, make sure Quina has Mighty Guard. Once these requirements are met, you are ready to take on the mighty Beatrix. Engage battle, and the first thing you must do is cast Reis' Wind, and this is why the Mythril spear comes in handy. It casts, regen to all your allies.For those who do not know what regen is, it is a curative spell, that heals your hp gradually over time. Anyways, once it is, Quina's turn, cast the blue magic, Mighty Guard which will increase your defense dramatically. You are now set to go on the offensive.Have, Freya jump, for the majority of the battle, and have Vivi, shock, Beatrix, with his Thundara spell. Its very effective by the way, doing 500+dmg a pop. Have, Zidane be the main healer in the battle. If anyone's hp should fall below 300, just throw them a Hi-potion and you should be fine. If the spells effects wear off, just simply re-cast them. After knocking about 3,500 hp off of her, she will finish you off, with a Stock Break, there you have done it, you have managed to survive your first encounter with the mighty general. Watch out for her Shock attack, as it can take out one of your characters in a single hit.

[edit] Battle 2

[edit] Strategy

She is definitely tougher than the last fight, but you'll manage if you keep close eye on your hp. Try to be at least level 24. This time, she is vulnerable to ice attacks, so make sure Vivi has Blizzara at this point of the game. Once in battle, have Freya use Reis' Wind once again to cast Regen on your party. Use Quina's Mighty Guard as well. Just basically fight her like you did the first time, and you'll do fine. The only difference with this fight is that she will most likely kill the character she uses shock on. So you will have to do a lot more healing. She's not as tough as she appears to be. After jostling her around a bit, taking off around 4,500-5,000, she will once again finish off your party with a Stock Break.

[edit] Battle 3

[edit] Strategy

Bah, she's not that tough. Just be around levels 30+. She'll once again use shock a lot in this battle, so make sure you have a lot of revives, and curative items, to your disposal. She also has a new attack, the powerful Climhazzard. It hits all, and does a a lot of damage. Don't worry though, she'll only use it as a finishing move.She's still vulnerable against Ice type attacks, so blast her away with those. Also, use the same strategies I have said above. After inflicting around 5,500-6,000 points of damage, she will unleash Climhazzard on your party, ending the fight.

[edit] Quotes

"Allow me to shatter your illusions of grandeur."
"We're all just blindly following orders. My heart and my will mean nothing..."

[edit] Gallery

Artwork of Beatrix by Amano

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