Berserker (FFX-2)

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Berserker (FFX-2)
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Berserker is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. It does exactly as advertised! In Final Fantasy games "Berserk" is a command that increases attack power at the cost of losing control of your character. This sphere is similar, but also gives you more control over the girls' attacks.

[edit] How to Obtain

  1. Chapter 3

      During Chapter 3, visit Macalania and complete the 'Protect the Agency' mission. You will have to fight 6 consecutive battles, however you do not need to do this on the first try. Complete this, and you should get the dress sphere as a prize.

Note: This is the only time you can get this dress sphere in the game.

[edit] Abilities List

Ablility Effect AP Required
Attack Attacks the enemy 00
Berserk Boosts strenghth but, loose control 00
Cripple Cut enemies HP in half 20
Mad Rush Severe Damage to an enemy -often fails 30
Crackdown Nullifies Shell, Protect & Reflect 30
Eject Kicks enemy out of battle -often fails 40
Unhinge Damage enemy -lower accuracy & evasion 40
Intimidate Damage and slow enemy 50
Envenom Damage and Poison enemy 30
Hurt Inflicts damage equal to the users HP 60
Howl Doubles users Max HP 80
Itchproof Immune to Itchy 20
Counter-attack Hit back after being hit 180
Magic Counter Hit back after being hit by magic 300
Evade & Counter Evades the attack then counters 400
Auto-Regen Regains some HP every turn 80
Total Ap Required 1360

Note that the method for obtaining the Dressphere has come from Krunal's Dressphere's FAQ

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