Better Death Machines

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Better Death Machines
Mission No.: 1-5-5
Navigation: Shinra Electric Power Company->
Special Operations Arms
Laboratory->Better Death Machines
Prerequisite: Complete Mission 1-5-4
Reward: Shinra Beta+
Unlocks: Mission 1-5-6

Better Death Machines is a mission from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. For a complete list, visit Missions (FFVII:CC).


[edit] Introduction

Plans to create powered-up Death Machines are underway. As an intermediary step, we have released a new model...but its true worth is unknown until its testing phase, so we ask you to participate. Please enter the testing area.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Chests

  • Mythril (south)

[edit] Strategy

Move east and at the intersection, take a right if you want the Mythril chest. Continue east to find the boss. Employ the hit and run method to avoid getting caught in their firing range. Move around back for critical hits or use Hell magic to eliminate the bosses.

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