Black Chocobo (FFXII)

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Black Chocobo
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Chocobo is an enemy from Final Fantasy XII that appears in Ozmone Plain.


[edit] Stats

Level HP MP Strength Magic Pwr Vitality
19-23 1116-1180 385-401 21 12 32-36
Speed Attack Pwr Defense Magic Res Evasion Exp
19-23 24-28 11 13 5-13 687-703
1 113-165 0
Elemental Properties
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Holy Dark
- - Weak Weak - - Weak -
Drop Steal Poach
Dark Magicite (common)
Chocobo Feather (uncommon)
Gysahl Greens (rare)
Dark Magicite (common)
Chocobo Feather (uncommon)
Chocobo Feather (common)
Gysahl Greens (uncommon)
Other Info
Immunities Charm, Confuse, Lure, Slow, Stop
Attacks/Abilities Lunge, Spin Kick
Other -

[edit] Bestiary Entry

NO.: 065-B

GENUS: Avion


[edit] Observations

What creature, fair or foul, has affected the lives of the common man more than the noble chocobo?

Though the yellow chocobo is by far the most common, and the only domesticable sort, many other wild breeds of differing hues have been identified. In general, the other colorations of chocobo tend to be quite violent, giving rise to the saying: 'Yellow, best for riding; aught else, best be hiding.'

Even as tame chocobos are known for their temper, true domestication requires time and expertise.

Their curiosity can often get them into trouble, but they are charming nevertheless, and popular throughout Ivalice. As famed naturalist Merlose once wrote: 'a little personality goeth a long way.'

[edit] The Town Crier

Hear ye, hear ye!

Good news for those knights who are sensitive of nose! Thanks to recent discovers, you can bid a fond farewell to troublesome chocobo odors!

The method is simple: ply your chocobo chick with only fresh gysahl greens, and that disconcertingly disgusting stench will diminish by up to three quarters!

The news isn't all good, however, as it takes two to three years to raise a chocobo to riding age, meaning that the fragrant fruits of your labor won't ripen for some time.

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