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Black Magic in Final Fantasy X is learned using Ability Spheres on the Sphere grid when the character is near the specific ability.

NameMP CostDescription
Fire4Deals a small amount of fire damage.
Thunder8Deals a small amount of lightning damage.
Water4Deals a small amount of water damage.
Blizzard4Deals a small amount of ice damage.
Fira8Deals a moderate amount of fire damage.
Thundara8Deals a moderate amount of lightning damage.
Watera8Deals a moderate amount of water damage.
Blizzara8Deals a moderate amount of ice damage.
Firaga16Deals a massive amount of fire damage.
Thundaga16Deals a massive amount of lightning damage.
Waterga16Deals a massive amount of water damage.
Blizzaga16Deals a massive amount of ice damage.
Bio10Poisons the enemy - causes damage every turn.
Demi32Reduces the enemy's HP by 1/4.
Death20Kills the enemy instantly.
Drain12Transfers enemy's HP to the caster.
Osmose0Transfers enemy's MP to the caster.
Flare54Deals non-elemental damage to the enemy.
Ultima90Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies. Cannot be reflected

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