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Blitzball is a mini game in Final Fantasy X-2, originally created for Final Fantasy X. It is a sport very similar to football/soccer. Blitzball itself hasn't changed much since FFX. However, the role that you play has completely changed. In FFX you controlled the characters and chose what attacks, shots, or even passes to use. However in FFX-2 this is no more, and instead you take on the role of the manager and choose how to train the team. You get to decide the formations of the team, and recruit new characters.

[edit] Teams & Players


Kilika Beasts

Guado Glories

Ronso Fangs

Luca Goers

Al Bhed Psyches

Besaid Aurochs

Zanarkand Abes

Free Agents
Scout Level 1

Scout Level 2

Scout Level 3

Scout Level 4

Scout Level MAX

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