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Blue Mage is a job class from the Final Fantasy series, although there ever been one officially named blue mage. Blue mages are unique in their ability to use Blue Magic, or monster skills that they have learned from the enemy. Ways of obtaining Blue Magic vary from game to game. Blue Magic can also be called Lore magic, and is immune from the Reflect spell.


[edit] Final Fantasy VI

Blue Magic is learned by Strago Magus, where it is referred to as Lore. To obtain new spells, Strago must be present in the party when Gau's Rage attack can also uses a wide range of enemy skills, but they can only be obtained on the Veldt.

For a complete list, see Lore (FFVI)

[edit] Final Fantasy VIII

Quistis Trepe is the blue mage of Final Fantasy VIII. She learns new magic from special items dropped by enemies.

For a complete list, see Blue Magic (FFVII)

[edit] Final Fantasy IX

Quina's Eat skill allows her to swallow enemies to obtain new magics, much like Gau's Leap ability.

For a complete list, see Blue Magic (FFIX)

[edit] Final Fantasy X

The Ronso Tribe, and more specifically, Kimahri Ronso, are able to use the Lancet ability to obtain fiend skills. Unlike traditional blue magic, Ronso Rage can only be used as an Overdrive, and not with MP.

For a complete list, see Ronso Rage

[edit] Final Fantasy X-2

Main Article: Gun Mage

The Gun Mage dressphere allows the player to learn new magic after the skill as been used on a character if they are wearing the dressphere.

For a complete list, see Blue Bullet

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