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Location Junon

Bottomswell is a boss battle from Final Fantasy VII that is encountered in Junon.

[edit] Stats

Level HP MP
23 2500 100
Attack Defense Magic Mag Def Dexterity Evasion
42 36 30 96 69 1
AP Exp Gil
52 550 1000
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Water Wind
- - - Immune - Weak
Gravity Poison Holy
Halves - -
Death Sadness Slow Slow-numb Berserk
Immune - - Immune Immune
Near-death Fury Stop Petrify Paralysis
- - Immune Immune Immune
Sleep Confusion Frog Death Sent Darkness
- Immune Immune Immune -
Poison Silence Small Manipulate
- Immune Immune Immune
Drop Steal Morph
Power Wrist - -
Abilities Big Wave, Moonstrike, Tail Attack

[edit] Strategy

Bottomswell is a flying monster so close-range physical attacks won't harm him, unless you have the Long Range Materia. If you do, equip it to Cloud. Barret can attack normally as his gun is long-range, while your third character should attack by using magic. The battle is pretty tedious as Bottomswell is easy to defeat but has a high HP of 2500. The only effective move he has is Bubble. This will trap your character in a bubble and begin to decrease their HP. Get a fellow character to cast magic on the inflicted party member and it will release.

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