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High Summoner Braska
Artwork of Braska

Braska is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy X and High Summoner of Spira. He is Yuna's deceased father who defeated Sin ten years prior to the start of the game.

Braska was once a priest of Yevon. He spent most of his time attempting to foster peace with the Al Bhed and the Yevonites He met Yuna's mother during one of these trips to Home. They fell in love much to the annoyance of her brother, Cid. When Cid refused to accept their engagement, the pair ran away to elope. Braska was outcasted soon after.

After Yuna was born, Cid decided to reconnect with his sister. When she rushed to Home to meet with him, her boat was attacked by Sin. She did not survive. The loss of his wife turned Braska down the summoner's path in order to spare anyone from the pain he felt when she died.

Few people believed that Braska and his guardians would be able to defeat Sin because of their social statuses; Braska was a fallen summoner who married an Al Bhed, Auron was ousted because he refused to marry the daughter of a high priest, and Jecht was a drunk with a loud mouth.

During his journey, he comes across the villiage of Besaid. Seeing what a quiet and peaceful town it was, he asked Auron to bring Yuna to Besaid in order for her to have a quiet childhood as far away from Bevelle as possible (Yuna's heritage probably made her an outcast like her father). On Mt. Gagazet, he left a sphere for her, telling her that even in death, he'd support her every decision, and that he was proud of her.

Braska chose Jecht to be his fayth for the Final Summoning at Jecht's request, asking Auron to take care of Yuna for him when he's gone. His victory over Sin left a huge weight on Yuna's shoulders; the people expected her to defeat Sin just as he did. Isaaru was an admirer of Braska's, and became a summoner like his idol.

In Final Fantasy X-2, he speaks to Yuna during the battle with Vegnagun, encouraging her to fight and save Spira.

[edit] Quotes

"Wouldn't it be ironic if we defeated Sin?"(referring to his outcast group)
"I bet you're beautiful, just like your mother."(to Yuna through the sphere)
"Auron, I am honored that you care for me so. But I have come to kill grief itself. I will defeat Sin, and lift the veil of sorrow covering Spira."

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