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Bugenhagen is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VII. He is Red XIII’s adoptive grandfather and one of the elders of Cosmo Canyon. When the party visits Cosmo Canyon for the first time, much of Red XIII's history is revealed through Bugenhagen. He also uses his observatory to teach the party about the Planet and the Lifestream, and humanity's greater dependence on the survival of both. After overhearing Red XIII refer to his father, Seto, as a coward, Bugenhagen leads the party into the Cave of the Gi. Battling through the cave, Red XIII learns that his father was actually a hero, and has remained there in a petrified state.

Cait Sith reveals that Bugenhagen was once an employee of the Shinra Company, and it was Professor Gast who provided the Canyon with its technology. Bugenhagen had left Shinra to dedicate himself to the study of the life of the Planet in Cosmo Canyon.

When the party returns later seeking his help, Bugenhagen accompanies the party to the Forgotten Capital to teach them about Holy. They ultimately learn that Aeris had indeed prayed for Holy prior to her death.

Upon the party's later return to Cosmo Canyon, they learn that Bugenhagen has become fatally ill from the trip to the Forgotten Capital. Bugenhagen then gives Red XIII the Limited Moon.

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