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Village of the Cactuars is a side quest in Final Fantasy X which allows you to get Rikku's Sigil and also some treasures.
The aim of this side quest is to find each cactuar and then play a sub-mini game. You will have to reach the Cactuar without it looking and before the timer runs out (like "Red Light, Green Light"). You will then have to battle it, (use Wakka as he has more accuracy). Doing so will get you a named sphere, if it sees you or you run out of time you will get a "Sphere del Perdedor" (loser sphere). Getting more named spheres will get you better prizes, however it isn't necessary for you to get the named spheres.
There are 10 Cactuars in all and you need to find them one by one. To initiate the mini-game go to the fourth area and examine the Cactuar glyph and you will be given a clue to where the cactuar is.

The following is a list of all the Cactuars and where to find them:

Where to find it
near the Save Point
Sanubia Desert-East
to the west, north of the Save Point
Sanubia Desert-West
Examine the sign that reads 20% off
Arek & Aroja
Sanubia Desert-Central
there will be two Cactuars running around the ruins to the west
Sanubia Desert-East
Near the Save Point under the tent
Sanubia Desert-Central
check the treasure chest in the far west
Sanubia Desert-West
inside one of the sand whirlpools
teleport to the airship from the Oasis and go onto the deck
Sanubia Desert
at the Cactuar statue, it will appear behind you

After putting nine spheres into the rock, the sandstorm will stop. Search the area for two treasure chests. One will contain the Mercury Sigil. The other will contain a prize depending on how many named spheres you collected:

# of Named Spheres
Friend Sphere

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