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Cait Sith is a recurring creature in the Final Fantasy series.

[edit] Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

FFVII DoC Cait Sith.jpg

Main Article: Cait Sith (FFVII)

Cait Sith is one of the main characters of the compilation, and a playable character in both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. He is a robotic cat created and controlled by Reeve Tuesti. Cait Sith has been rebuilt several times throughout the compilation, retaining all memories and abilites as the previous Cait Siths.

[edit] Final Fantasy XIII-2

Main Article: Cait Sith (FFXIII-2)

Cait Sith is a monster found in the Bresha Ruins (005 AF).

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