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Calli is a non-playable character in the Final Fantasy X series.

[edit] Final Fantasy X

The party meets Calli and her mother as they walk along the Mi'ihen Highroad. Calli excitedly looks forward to the Calm.

[edit] Final Fantasy X-2

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When the party reaches the Mi'ihen Highroad, Yuna is reunited with Calli who has grown up a lot in the past two years. Calli wishes she could ride a chocobo, but they are scarce since the use of hovercars. The Gullwings then proceed to trap a chocobo for her to ride. Before they leave however, Calli is attacked by the Chocobo Eater. The girls rush to save her, and depending upon the player's actions, Calli may board the airship with her chocobo. Talking to Calli on the airship will reveal that she has a crush on Brother.

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