Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Main Scenario Quests

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Quest Level
MSQ.png Coming to Ishgard Lv. 50
MSQ.png Taking in the Sights Lv. 50
MSQ.png The Better Half Lv. 50
MSQ.png Onwards and Upwards Lv. 50
MSQ.png Over the Wall Lv. 50
MSQ.png An Indispensable Ally Lv. 50
MSQ.png Work in Progress Lv. 50
MSQ.png Meeting the Neighbors Lv. 50
MSQ.png The First and Foremost Lv. 50
MSQ.png From on High Lv. 50
MSQ.png Sense of Urgency Lv. 50
MSQ.png Hope Springs Eternal Lv. 50
MSQ.png Reconnaissance Lost Lv. 50
MSQ.png A Series of Unfortunate Events Lv. 50
MSQ.png At the End of Our Hope Lv. 50
MSQ.png A Reward Long in Coming Lv. 50
MSQ.png Knights Be Not Proud Lv. 50
MSQ.png Divine Intervention Lv. 50
MSQ.png Disclosure Lv. 50
MSQ.png Keeping the Flame Alive Lv. 51
MSQ.png Flame General Affairs Lv. 51
MSQ.png In Search of Raubahn Lv. 51
MSQ.png To Siege or Not to Siege Lv. 51
MSQ.png Alphinaud's Way Lv. 51
MSQ.png In Search of Iceheart Lv. 51
MSQ.png From One Heretic to Another Lv. 51
MSQ.png Sounding Out the Amphitheatre Lv. 51
MSQ.png Camp of the Convictors Lv. 51
MSQ.png Purple Flame, Purple Flame Lv. 51
MSQ.png Where the Chocobos Roam Lv. 52
MSQ.png Worse than Dragons Lv. 52
MSQ.png The Trine Towers Lv. 52
MSQ.png Gifts for the Outcasts Lv. 52
MSQ.png The Nonmind Lv. 52
MSQ.png A Gnathic Deity Lv. 53
MSQ.png Breaking into Hives Lv. 53
MSQ.png Lord of the Hive Lv. 53
MSQ.png Mourn in Passing Lv. 53
MSQ.png Beyond the Clouds Lv. 53
MSQ.png Mountaintop Diplomacy Lv. 54
MSQ.png Moghan's Trial Lv. 54
MSQ.png Mogmug's Trial Lv. 54
MSQ.png Mogwin's Trial Lv. 54
MSQ.png Moglin's Judgement Lv. 54
MSQ.png Leaving Moghome Lv. 54
MSQ.png The Road to Zenith Lv. 54
MSQ.png Waiting for the Wind to Change Lv. 54
MSQ.png Heart of Ice Lv. 54
MSQ.png The Wyrm's Lair Lv. 54
MSQ.png New Winds, Old Friends Lv. 54
MSQ.png A General Summons Lv. 54
MSQ.png Awakening in Ul'Dah Lv. 54
MSQ.png A Brave Resolution Lv. 54
MSQ.png Ready to Fly Lv. 55
MSQ.png Into the Aery Lv. 55
MSQ.png The Song Begins Lv. 55
MSQ.png Unrest in Ishgard Lv. 56
MSQ.png He Who Would Not Be Denied Lv. 56
MSQ.png Ill-weather Friends Lv. 56
MSQ.png Noble Indiscretions Lv. 56
MSQ.png The Spice of Life Lv. 56
MSQ.png A Child Apart Lv. 56
MSQ.png Bloodlines Lv. 56
MSQ.png Fire and Blood Lv. 57
MSQ.png A Knight's Calling Lv. 57
MSQ.png The Sins of Antiquity Lv. 57
MSQ.png In Search of the Soleil Lv. 57
MSQ.png Into the Blue Lv. 57
MSQ.png Familiar Faces Lv. 57
MSQ.png Devourer of Worlds Lv. 57
MSQ.png Black and the White Lv. 57
MSQ.png Bolt, Chain, and Island Lv. 57
MSQ.png A Difference of Opinion Lv. 57
MSQ.png One Good Turn Lv. 57
MSQ.png An Engineering Enterprise Lv. 57
MSQ.png Aetherial Trail Lv. 57
MSQ.png Lost in the Lifestream Lv. 57
MSQ.png Tataru's Surprise Lv. 57
MSQ.png Onward to Sharlayan Lv. 57
MSQ.png A Great New Nation Lv. 58
MSQ.png Golems Begone Lv. 58
MSQ.png An Illuminati Incident Lv. 58
MSQ.png Leaving Idyllshire Lv. 58
MSQ.png Matoya's Cave Lv. 59
MSQ.png Forbidden Knowledge Lv. 59
MSQ.png An Eye for Aether Lv. 59
MSQ.png Hour of Departure Lv. 59
MSQ.png The First Flight of the Excelsior Lv. 59
MSQ.png Systematic Exploration Lv. 59
MSQ.png In Node We Trust Lv. 59
MSQ.png Chimerical Maintenance Lv. 59
MSQ.png Close Encounters of the VIth Kind Lv. 59
MSQ.png Fetters of Lament Lv. 59
MSQ.png Heavensward (Quest) Lv. 60