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Catoblepas is a monster and a special Mark from Final Fantasy XII.


[edit] Stats

Level HP MP Strength Magic Pwr Vitality
46 187991 990 42 21 79
Speed Attack Pwr Defense Magic Res Evasion Exp
18 78 25 28 0 0
27 5940 0
Elemental Properties
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Holy Dark
1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 Weak Absorb
Drop Steal Poach
None Hi-Potion (common)
Beastlord Horn (uncommon)
Gemini Gem (rare)
Other Info
Immunities Achilles, Addle, Berserk, Charm, Confuse, Death, Disable, Disease, Doom, Gravity, Immobilize, Lure, Numerology, Oil, Petrify, Poison, Reverse, Sap, Sight Unseeing, Silence, Stop, Syphon, Warp, Wither
Attacks/Abilities Haste, Protect, Ram, Smite of Rage, Tail Swipe, Wail
Other -

[edit] Bestiary Entry

NO.: 239



[edit] Description

A Tyrant among Behemoths, possessed of evil, red Eyes. Such who face it are consumed with fear upon meeting its Glare, their bodies becoming as Stone with their Terror.

A Garif who fought the Catoblepas long ago and lived to tell of his Failure posted a Bill for this Mark.

[edit] Hunt Information

Hunt Details
Name Paying for the Past
No. 30
Location Zertinan Caverns/Hourglass Basin
Petitioner War-chief Supinelu (Jahara)
Reward 3200 gil, Volcano, Antarctic Wind
Bonus -

[edit] Strategy

Supinelu will assist you in this battle, but won't be much help unless he uses magick. Cast Dispel on Catoblepas right away to remove Reflect, Shell, Protect, and Bravery. It will occasionally recast these spells, so have Dispel at the top of someone's gambit. Use Slow and Blind on the mark to gain an advantage. Catoblepas' attacks will get faster when its HP gets low, so use a Quickening chain to finish him off.

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