Cecil Harvey

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Cecil Harvey
Cecil as a Paladin
Gender Male
Birthplace Unknown, raised in Baron
Job Dark Knight, Paladin
Special Ability Darkness(DK), Cover(PL), White Magic(PL)

Cecil Harvey is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy IV and the commander of the Red Wings, Baron's elite air force that was created with the invention of the Airship. After asking the king a question to satisfy his own curiosity, Cecil was stripped of his position and was sent on a mere delivery task that soon helped him to make up his mind to fight against the mightiest kingdom in the land. In The After Years, he has married Rosa, and fathered a child named Ceodore.


[edit] Final Fantasy IV

"Lord Captain of the Red Wings of Baron, and adopted son of the militaristic kingdom's monarch. Despite having been raised from infancy by the king, Cecil harbors misgivings about his sovereign's latest orders to invade an innocent city and steal its Crystal (Dark Knight Game Description)"
"Cecil's form after overcoming a formidable trial. Vested with holy might, Cecil can weild a variety of powerful weapons." (Paladin Game Description)

[edit] Special Abilites

  • Darkness: Forfiet life energy to fuel powerfuk attacks (Dark Knight Only)
  • Cover: Take damage for critically wounded allies. (Paladin only)
  • White Magic: Cast white magic spells. (Paladin only)

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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"A paladin of Lunarian ancestry. Ascending to the throne of Baron has done nothing to change the love he has for his people, and both the military and citizens trust him greatly" (Game Description)

[edit] Special Abilites

  • White Magic: Use to heal and protect.
  • Cover/Cease: Take damage in place of a party member

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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Cecil Dissidia.png

Cecil is a Warrior of Cosmos representing Final Fantasy IV, opposing Golbez.

[edit] Abilities

Bravery Attacks
Name Acquired Type CP (M) AP for Mastery Description Additional Effect
Valiant Blow Initial Ground (Dark Knight) 20 (10) 140 strike opponent three times none
Dark Cannon Initial Ground (Dark Knight) 20 (10) 180 fires orbs behind opponent that push him/her toward Cecil Magic Block
Slash Initial Ground (Paladin) 20 (10) 180 strikes opponent none
Gravity Ball Initial Aerial (Dark Knight) 20 (10) 140 fires ball of energy that moves down toward opponent, slamming them into the ground Wall Rush
Radiant Wings Initial Aerial (Paladin) 20 (10) 120 spin toward and slash opponent, knocking them to the ground Wall Rush
Shadow Lance Level 3 Ground (Dark Knight) 20 (10) 90 knock away opponent by throwing sword Wall Rush
Sacred Cross Level 8 Aerial (Paladin) 20 (10) 120 strike opponent from underneath several times, then knock away Chase
Nightfall Level 13 Aerial (Dark Knight) 20 (10) 180 jump into air and slam opponent Chase
Searchlight Level 17 Aerial (Paladin) 20 (10) 90 creates crest that fires beams of light at opponent none
Lightning Rise Level 27 Ground (Paladin) 20 (10) 180 dash at opponent, strike and spin him/her in the air Magic Block, Chase
Paladin Arts Level 38 Aerial (Dark Knight) 30 (15) 300 fires ball of energy that moves up toward opponent, and slams them (then can class change to Paladin & chain Searchlight) none
Dark Step Level 44 Ground (Paladin) 30 (15) 200 strikes opponent (then can class change to Dark Knight & chain Nightfall) Chase

HP Attacks
Name Acquired Type CP (M) AP for Mastery Description Additional Effect
Soul Eater Initial Ground 40 (20) 360 stabs opponent, then shoots dark energy at him/her Wall Rush
Saint's Fall Initial Aerial 40 (20) 360 dives at opponent, then slams them into the ground Wall Rush
Dark Flame Level 22 Ground 40 (20) 360 sends a wave of black fire at opponent Wall Rush
Paladin Force Level 33 Aerial 40 (20) 360 fires light beam at opponent, then slashes him/her several times, and slams them into the ground Wall Rush

[edit] Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

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Cecil has appeared in screenshots for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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Cecil Harvey Theatrhythm.png

Cecil represents Final Fantasy IV in the 3DS rhythm game.

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

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Cecil returns in the sequel to represent Final Fantasy IV.

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Cecil appears as a Legendary character.

[edit] Final Fantasy All the Bravest

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Cecil ATB.png

Cecil appears as one of the random purchasable Premium characters in the shop.

[edit] Gallery

Cecil as a Dark Knight (FFIV)
Cecil Harvey Dissidia.jpg
Artwork of Cecil as a Paladin (Dissidia)
Dissidia Cecil Dark Knight.png
Artwork of Cecil as a Dark Knight (Dissidia)
Cecil Ex Dissidia.png
Cecil's Ex Mode in Dissidia
Cecil Alternate Dissidia.png
Cecil's first alternate form in Dissidia
Cecil Alt1 Ex.png
Cecil's Ex Mode for his first alternate form in Dissidia
Cecil Alt2.png
Cecil's second alternate form in Dissidia
Cecil Alt2 Ex.jpg
Cecil's Ex Mode for his second alternate form in Dissidia
Cecil Alt3.png
Cecil's DLC costume in Dissidia 012
Cecil Paladin Dis012 CG.png
CG image of Cecil in Paladin form (Dissidia 012)

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