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Age Around 19
Birthplace Besaid
Gender Male
Height unknown

Chappu is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy X, who died a year before the events of the game. He is Wakka's deceased brother and Lulu's former love interest. Chappu was the original owner of Brotherhood before leaving it behind to use machina weapons in the war against Sin.

[edit] Final Fantasy X

Tidus reminds Wakka of his brother, Chappu, so when the party leaves Besaid, Wakka gives Brotherhood to Tidus. Tidus' story of being swept away to another time and place by Sin gives Wakka hope that Chappu may still be alive somewhere. However, upon reaching the steps to Kilika Temple, Lulu blatantly tells him to accept Chappu's death. During Operation Mi'ihen, the party stops to speak with Luzzu, who informs Wakka that he was the one to convince Chappu to enlist with the Crusaders. Enraged, Wakka punches Luzzu who admits to telling Lulu the news just before they left Besaid. When the party visits the Farplane, the pyreflies create an illusion of Chappu, confirming his death and allowing Wakka to be at peace with his brother's death. Wakka's conversation with Chappu enables the Brotherhood to gain special abilities.

[edit] Final Fantasy X-2

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When the Gullwings first visit Besaid, Wakka tells them about a sphere that Chappu had mentioned in their youth. Chappu had teased Wakka that he found a sphere of their parents, and that it was hidden on the island. After finding a different sphere, Wakka comes to realize that he really doesn't want to find it. When the girls return later to clear the temple of fiends, Beclem gets ready to leave the island. He tells Yuna that he was an old war buddy of Chappu's, who spoke highly of his brother. Beclem was excited to meet Wakka, but was disappointed that he wasn't how Chappu described him. He gives Yuna a sphere to deliver to Wakka. On the sphere, Chappu (given a voice for the first time) confirms that the sphere of their parents does not exist. He goes on to tell Wakka that he never wanted him to act like a parent. What he really wanted was for Wakka to just be his brother.

[edit] Quotes

"Just relax, and give us both a break" (to Wakka)
"Oh, and about that sphere of our parents... I lied. I was just mad" (to Wakka)
"I just need you to be my brother" (to Wakka)

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