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There are many skills that each character can learn in Final Fantasy X, and below is a table with all the skills that they can learn. They can learn it by going to the Skill in the Sphere Grid and activating it using an Ability Sphere.

Skill NameMP CostDescription
Dark Attack5Inflicts darkness on an enemy for 3 turns.
Silence Attack5Inflicts silence on an enemy for 3 turns.
Sleep Attack5Puts an enemy to sleep for 3 turns.
Delay Attack8Delays target's next turn.
Zombie Attack10Inflicts zombie status on an enemy.
Dark Buster10Always inflicts darkness on an enemy for 1 turn.
Silence Buster10Always inflicts silence on an enemy for 1 turn.
Sleep Buster10Always infilicts sleep on an enemy for 1 turn.
Delay Buster18Greatly delays target's next turn.
Triple Foul24Inflicts darkness, silence & sleep on an enemy for 3 turns.
Extract Power1Forces target to drop power spheres.
Extract Mana1Forces target to drop mana spheres.
Extract Speed1Forces target to drop speed spheres.
Extract Ability1Forces target to drop ability spheres.
Power Break8Lowers opponent's strength.
Magic Break8Lowers opponent's magic.
Armor Break12Lowers opponent's physical defense.
Mental Break12Lowers opponent's magic defense.
Full Break99Inflicts Power, Magic, Armor & Mental Breaks on an enemy.
Mug10Attack and steal items at the same time.
Nab Gil30Attack and steal gil at the same time.
Quick Hit36Strike quickly with reduced recovery time.
Flee0Aids party's escape from battle.
Steal0Steal items from enemies.
Use0Use special items.
Pray0Restores a small amount of HP to all allies.
Cheer0Raises party's strength and defense.
Aim0Raises party's accuracy.
Focus0Raises party's magic & magic defense.
Reflex0Raises party's evasion.
Luck0Raises party's luck.
Jinx0Lowers opponent's luck.
Lancet0Absorb HP & MP from an enemy.
Guard0Allows character to take damage for an ally.
Sentinel0Allows character to guard allies while in defensive stance.
Spare Change0Attack by throwing gil.
Threaten12Immobilize an enemy with fear; inflicts Stop.
Provoke4Draw an enemy's attack toward you.
Entrust8Contribute your overdrive charge to an ally's gauge.
Copycat28Mimic an ally's previous action.
Pilfer Gil20Steal gil from an enemy.
Quick Pockets70Swiftly use items with reduced recovery time.
Doublecast0Allows character to cast black magic spells twice.
Bribe0Pay an enemy to make it go away.

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