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Chimera is a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series. It generally has multiple heads and possesses a variety of attacks.

[edit] Final Fantasy VIII

Scan Info

   A monster with 4 heads that use Magic, Physical, Attacks, Status-Changes and their 
   original skill, Aqua Breath.
  • Weak against Ice.
  • Absorbs Thunder, Wind, Water
  • Poision has no effect
  • Mug - Red Fang
  Notes: Special move Aqua Breath deals Water damage to all. Find on the Esthar Plains. 60000 
         HP at Level 100.

[edit] Final Fantasy X

FFX Chimera.jpg

Main Article: Chimera (FFX)

Chimera appears in this game in two versions-once in Macalania and again in the Al Bhed Home on Bikanel Island. The Ronso Rage "Aqua Breath" can be learned from this enemy. Chimera drops weapons with Piercing or Magic +5% or +10%, and armor with Magic Def +10%.

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