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Chocobo Racing is a mini-game in Final Fantasy XIII-2. The player can use chocobos to participate in races in Serendipity.

[edit] Chocobo Locations

[edit] Tamable chocobos

You can have up to three of each chocobo captured at a time. It is possible to have four of the Silver and Gold Chocobos IF you have the Perpetual Battlefield DLC and obtain three each as drops BEFORE finding them in-game.

  • Regular chocobo (yellow) : Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown- (Ability default=Supersonic)
  • Black Chocobo : Vile Peaks -010 AF- (Ability default=???)
  • Blue Chocobo : Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown- (Ability default=Limelight)
  • Red Chocobo : Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown- (Ability default=Lightning Bolt)
  • Green Chocobo : Yaschas Massif -100 AF- (Ability default=???)
  • Purple Chocobo : Bresha ruins -300AF- (Ability default=???)
  • White chocobo : Obera -300AF- (Ability default=???)

[edit] Unique chocobos

These ones can only be found once in the game. However, you can tame them infinitely if you have the Perpetual Battlefield DLC.

  • Silver Chocobo : Academia -4XX AF-, throw moogle to the green sphere in the northern room of the town.
  • Gold Chocobo : A Dying World -700AF-, found in a chest on the north area, east of the bridge.

[edit] Chocobo Stats

Once a chocobo is registered, there are three important stats: Speed, Stamina and RP.

  • Speed depends on a chocobo's strength.
  • Stamina depends on a chocobo's magic.
  • RP depends on a chocobo's max HP.

Use potent items to increase a racing chocobo's stats as much as possible.

Placings, Coins won, and Abilities can also be viewed on a chocobo. Abilities will have its own section at the bottom of the page.

[edit] Races

The races are divided into five classes. To reach an higher class, the player needs to win a race from the previous class. Each race has a fixed reward.

Graded races offers better rewards but are against stronger opponents. Winning one of these will unlock a secret race. Secret races are against the strongest birds, but offer the best rewards.

[edit] Cocoon Class

10 RP are required to participate in these races.

Name Length (m) Type Reward
Hanging Edge Classic 600 Normal Potion
Bodhum Derby 1200 Normal Potion
Vile peaks Classic 600 Normal Chocoboost
Bresha Classic 1200 Normal Chocoboost
Sunleth Cup 600 Normal Shuffle
Gapra Classic 1200 Normal Shuffle
Palumpolum Cup 600 Normal Power bolt
Euride Stakes 1200 Normal Mana Bolt
Nautilus Derby 600 Graded Witch's Bracelet
Sanctum Special 1200 Graded Zealot's Amulet
Orphan's Cup 600 Secret Power Droplet
Fifth Ark Cup 1200 Secret Mana Droplet

[edit] Monster Class

15 RP are required to participate in these races.

Name Length (m) Type Reward
Goblin Derby 600 Normal Librascope
Malboro Classic 1200 Normal Librascope
Flan Stakes 600 Normal Chocoboost
Sahagin Derby 1200 Normal Chocoboost
Bomb Classic 600 Normal Shuffle (common)
Garchimacera Cup 1200 Normal Shuffle (Common)
Adamantoise Classic 600 Normal Vitality Droplet
Ochu Classic 1200 Normal Vitality Bolt
Behemoth Special 600 Graded Silver Bangle
Ahriman Cup 1200 Graded Auric Amulet
Tonberry Cup 600 Secret Power Droplet
Cactuar Cup 1200 Secret Mana Droplet

[edit] Weapon Class

20 RP are required to participate in these races.

Name Length (m) Type Reward
Blazefire Saber Classic 600 Normal Phoenix Down
Durandal Cup 1200 Normal Phoenix Down
Altairs Stakes 600 Normal Chocobull
Pleiades Classic 1200 Normal Chocobull
Wild Bear Derby 600 Normal Shuffle (Graded)
Hawkeye Derby 1200 Normal Shuffle (Graded)
Airwing Cup 600 Normal Power Chip
Binding Rod Classic 1200 Normal Mana Chip
Gungnir Special 600 Graded Durable Warding Talisman
Partisan Stakes 1200 Graded Pain Dampener
Omega Weapon Cup 600 Secret Mog Figurine
Nirvana Cup 1200 Secret Cactuar Figurine

[edit] Guardian Class

25 RP are required to participate in these races.

Name Length (m) Type Reward
Manasvin Cup 600 Normal Elixir
Myrmidon Derby 1200 Normal Elixir
Garuda Stakes 600 Normal Chocobull
Dreadnough Special 1200 Normal Chocobull
Aster Cup 600 Normal Vitality Sliver
Enki Enlil Classic 1200 Normal Vitality Chip
Ushumgal Derby 600 Normal Adamantite
Havoc Stakes 1200 Normal Dark Matter
Kalavinka Classic 600 Graded Nagaraja
Proudclad Classic 1200 Graded The Tower
Undying Cup 600 Secret Power sliver
Shaolong Gui Cup 1200 Secret Mana Sliver

[edit] Fal'Cie Class

30 RP are required to participate in these races.

Name Length (m) Type Reward
Phoenix Cup 600 Normal Potent Sliver
Kujata Classic 1200 Normal Potent Sliver
Carbuncle Classic 600 Normal Power Orb
Anima Stakes 1200 Normal Mana Orb
Atomos Derby 600 Normal Vitality Orb
Bismark Cup 1200 Normal Bloodguard
Dahaka Stakes 600 Normal Collector Catalog
Titan Classic 1200 Normal Potent Sliver
Eden Stakes 600 Graded Entite Ring
Orphan Special 1800 Graded Potent Orb
Lindzei Cup 600 Secret Potent Orb
Pulse Cup 1800 Secret Potent Orb

[edit] Chocobo abilities

These abilities can be divided in 2 categories : dependent on your race strategy, and non-dependent. Your chocobo special abilities are directly dependent on the passive skills on it, so you can have 10 abilities max by infusing various monsters in it.

[edit] Dependent on strategy

Name Strategy Description Related passive What to infuse
Supersonic 1 Increases the rate at which the Boost gauge charges. Critical: Power surge Lvl 54 Flangonzola, Lvl 1 Chocobo
Lightning bolt 2 Increases the rate at which the Boost gauge charges. Stagger maintenance Lvl 1 Zwerg Metro, Lvl 1 Buccaboo Ace, Lvl 1 Red Chocobo
Turbo 3 Decreases the cost of the Boost command Critical: Shield Lvl 2 Koboldroid Yin, Lvl 5 Gargonzola
Blue Streak 4 Decreases the cost of the Boost command Ally KO: Power surge Lvl 1 Ceratoraptor

[edit] Non-dependent on strategy

Name Description Related passive What to infuse
Marathoner Greatly increase stamina in long-distance races. Critical: Tetradefense
Critical: Vigilance
Lvl 5 Microchu, Lvl 23 Pulse Gladiator, Lvl 33 Miniflan, Lvl 56 Triffid
Free spirit Constantly stays at their own pace despite the situation. Auto-vigilance Lvl 13 Amanojaku, Lvl 20 Yaksha, Lvl 35 Microchu
Health nut Condition is constantly favorable. Rapid recovery Lvl 24 Microchu
Second wind Increases the effect of Turbo or Blue streak. Fettered Magic Lvl 1 Pulse Gladiator
Attention Hog Stats increased when deemed a favorite. Feral Speed II Lvl 1 Gancanagh, Lvl 4 Dragoon, Lvl 7 White Chocobo
Dark Horse Odds decrease due to misjudgment. Item scavenger II Lvl 1 Calautidon, Lvl 18 Microchu
Perseverance Slightly recharges the boost gauge when you run out of stamina just before crossing the finish line. Improved Raise
Attack:ATB charge
Lvl 15 Spiranthes
Limelight Stats increase for graded races Kill: ATB Charge Lvl 20 Metalligigantuar, Lvl 70 Seeping Brie, Lvl 72 Ceratoraptor
Sprinter Greatly increases speed in short-distance races. Critical: Bravery
ATB advantage
Lvl 1 Cactaur, Lvl 18 Red Chocobo
Rocket Blast Increases the success rate of sprinting start. Strength : +20% Lvl 4 Buccaboo/Buccaboo Ace, Lvl 4 Munchkin Maestro/Boss, Lvl 16 Dreadnaught, Lvl 19 Yaksha, Lvl 26 Grand/Greater Behemoth, Lvl 27 Apkallu, Lvl 29 Uridimmu, Lvl 33 Behemoth, Lvl 34 Flangonzola, Lvl 40 Mini Flan, Lvl 76 Chocobo

[edit] Ultimate Chocobo ?

Firstly, your base chocobo need to be either the gold chocobo or the silver one, they're the best ones for racing.
Secondly, level it only with potent items so it'll have A in speed and stamina.
Thirdly, choose your skills to make an invincible bird.

The abilities you want on your chocobo :

  • Marathoner, to be able to finish the longest races without exhausting your chocobo.
  • One of the skills dependent on strategy (my favorite is turbo).
  • The skill buffing the previous skill : Second Wind for Turbo or Blue streak, Runaway for Supersonic or Lightning bolt.
  • Health Nut, so your chocobo is never in bad shape (it can still be in good or very good shape)
  • Attention Hog, to have better stats because you'll almost always be the favorite.
  • Free spirit.

Other useful abilities :

  • Dark Horse, double the odds on your chocobo (it'll alway be 2.2 minimum instead of 1.1) if you like to bet on your bird.
  • Sprinter, I never lost even without it, but helps.
  • Rocket blast, to make the quick start easier, but a little habit is enough.

Abilities not needed :

  • Perseverance, Marathoner makes this one useless.
  • Limelight, works only on graded and secret races, so not really useful.

How to get these easily ? The gold chocobo comes with marathoner. The silver chocobo comes with Dark horse.

The list with the monsters needed isn't up yet, but I know you can get Dark Horse, Marathoner and Health nut from a Lv24 Microchu.

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