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Chocobos are used in the Final Fantasy VIII world to travel safely and quickly between destinations.


[edit] Catching a Chocobo

In order to catch a Chocobo, you must complete the puzzle in one of the 6 Chocobo Forests, and then name it. After this, you'll be able to summon it in battle using a Gysahl Greens, or ride it around the world map.

Chocoboy tends to the forests; when you first visit he'll give you a Chocosonar and a Chocoziner. The Chocosonar is used to locate Chicobos, and the Ziner used to make them fall down. You can also buy a hint from Chocoboy. When the puzzle is completed the mother Chocobo will appear.

[edit] The Forests

Chocobo Forests

The Chocobo Forests are quite immediatly recognisable; they are a small, perfectly round patch of lone forest. They can be tricky, but locating and completing them is a wholesome side-quest.

[edit] The Beginner's Forest

  • Found at - Trabia, Winter Island; South of the Shumi Village.
  • Chocoboy's Hint: Try to find a spot where only 1 falls down.


There is 4 Chicobos in the Beginner's Forest. The spot Chocoboy is referring to in his clue is the far-left corner of the clearing. Use the Chocoziner there, and a single chicobo will fall down. Catch it and the mother will appear.

  • Hidden items: Use the Chocosonar in the far left corner of the clearing to find the hidden location of an Aura Stone.

[edit] The Basics Forest

  • Found at Trabia, Sorbald Snowfield; West of Trabia Garden
  • Chocoboy's Hint: You have to blow the whistle twice.


There are 5 chicobos in this forest. You'll detect them in a large area in the centre of the clearing; stand in the centre and use the Chocoziner. 3 Chicobos will fall down. Stand near either of the 2 nearest Chicobos and use the Chocoziner again to send them back up into the trees. Catch the remaining chicobo and the mother will appear.

  • Hidden items: A hidden Flare Stone can be found by using the Chocosonar on the left edge of the clearing.

[edit] The Roaming Forest

  • Found at Trabia, Bika Snowfield; North of Trabia Garden
  • Chocoboy's Hint: Be Careful where the Sonar reacts.


This particular forest has 4 Chicobos; 2 of them already being on the ground. Start by standing near either of them and using the Ziner to send them both back up to the trees. Head towards the exit and use the Sonar to detect a Chicobo location to the right of the fallen tree. Use the Ziner to make a single Chicobo fall and catch it, to make the mother appear.

  • Hidden items: Use the Chocosonar at the snow bank behind the mother Chocobo to find a Shell Stone and a Holy Stone

[edit] Forest of Solitude

  • Found at Centra, Nectar Peninsula; North of Centra Ruins
  • Chocoboy's Hint: Search carefully where the Sonar reacts.


There's only 1 Chicobo in this forest, but you have to get it's exact location to bring it down. Use the Chocosonar to explore the area around Chocoboy; to the left/behind. Stand in the light patch of grass level with Chocoboy's right hand. Then use the Chocoziner to make the lone Chicobo fall, and catch it, to make the mother appear.

  • Hidden items: Challenge Chocoboy to a game of cards, and ask him to move. Use the Sonar in the spot where he was standing to reveal a Protect Stone and a Meteor Stone, now yours for the keeping.

[edit] Forest of Fun

  • Found at Centra, Lenown Plains; East of Edea's House
  • Chocoboy's Hint: Chocobowling with 4 bottles, 1 ball.


This forest has 5 Chicobos. There are 3 major Chicobo locations that you'll detect in the clearing. Find the nearest one with the Sonar, and then use the Ziner to make 3 Chicobos fall down. Stand near the far-left Chicobo and use the Ziner to make a fourth Chicobo fall down. Use the Sonar to locate the Chicobo to the left of Chocoboy and sound the Chocoziner to make the last Chicobo appear. If you stand over it and sound the Ziner again it'll walk into place and bowl the other Chicobos back into the trees. Catch it to make the mother Chocobo appear.

  • Hidden items: Use the Sonar in the far-right of th clearing to find a Meteor Stone, a Flare Stone and an Ultima Stone.

[edit] The Enclosed Forest

  • Found at Esthar, Talle Mountains
  • Chocoboy's Hint: Collect on outer side, then go in.


There are 5 Chicobo's here, but there are six distinct ziner locations,

1. On the path in front of Chocoboy

2. To the right of the rock behind him

3. In the far-left corner of the clearing

4. On the near-side of the rock, at the far-side of the clearing

5. To the left of the rock on the right-side of the clearing

6. In the centre of the clearing.

There is a very particular pattern for completing this puzzle. Start by sounding the Chocoziner at either

  • 1 or 2, then 3


  • 3 or 5, then 1 or 2

This will get two Chicobo's on the left-side of the clearing. Use the Ziner at

  • 4, then 5

to get the other two outer Chicobo's to fall down and join them. Then finally, sound the Ziner at

  • 6

to send them all back up into the trees and make one single Chicobo fall down to the centre of the clearing. Catch it to make the mother appear.

  • Hidden items: Use the Chocosonar in the far-right corner of the clearing to find a hidden Meteor Stone, Holy Stone and Ultima Stone.

[edit] Chocobo's Holy Forest

The Chocobo's Holy Forest can only be reached by a Chocobo itself. Get a Chocobo from the Roaming Forest and ride it South-East across Bika Snowfield to Heath Peninsula. Head South across the shallows until you arrive at a beach on the West coast of Grandidi Forest in Esthar. Make your way through the narrow valley and head North-East through the forest to find it, but be careful not to get lost.

Visit the Chocobo's Holy Forest after you've completed all six Chocobo Forests to see the mother Chocobos doing a celebration dance and having a party. When it's over, talk to the Chicobo and it'll give you the Chicobo card. On the way out, talk to Chocoboy and ask for one last 'Help me'. He'll summon a Chocobo for you to ride out on and wave goodbye.

From that point, you can return to the Holy Forest to buy Gysahl Greens for 600 gil from the Chicobo.

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