Cid Del Norte Marquez

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Cid del Norte Marquez is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VI. He is Celes Chere's adoptive father and the head scientist of The Gestahlian Empire. Cid is behind Magitek technology, and performed the Magitek infusions on Celes, Kefka, and Gestahl (Leo refused to undergo the infusion) by draining power from Espers.

When the Returners break into Vector, Cid assists them for Celes and because he realized what he was doing what hurting the Espers. Cid then helps them escape the Magitek Research Facility; an escape that was interupted by the emperor. Cid is then seen briefly after their dinner saying goodbye to Celes and asking her to stay safe.

After the world is torn by the upset in the balance of the Warring Triad, Cid spent a year nursing Celes out of her coma. Celes then tries to return the favor and cure Cid's sickness. Depending on the players actions, Cid can live or die.

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