Cid Haze

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Cid Haze is a guest party member in Final Fantasy III. He and his wife, Mrs. Cid, live in Canaan.

[edit] Final Fantasy III

Cid becomes a ghost in Kazus because of Djinn's curse. He loans the party his airship to defeat Djinn, and then accompanies the party on their journey to his home. While crushing a boulder blocking the way, his airship is destroyed. After the party heals Cid's wife he leaves the party to stay with her. When the party returns to him to have another airship built, he reveals that he is the one who brought them to their adoptive parents on the continent.

  • Attacks
    • Attack (Hits four times)
    • Fire

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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Cid in Theatrhythm

Cid is a representative of Final Fantasy III along with the Onion Knight.

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