Cid Pollendina

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Cid Pollendina

Cid Pollendina is a playable character in the game Final Fantasy IV. He is a master engineer, and he designs the airships that make up the Red Wings in Baron. He is thus an old acquaintance of Cecil Harvey, and is adventurous and fun-loving, despite the fact that he is over fifty years old. He has a firm belief in right and wrong as well. He has a daughter who lives with him in the town of Baron, and she often scolds him when he comes home late from work. He is also very lazy, and has a tendency to snore very loudly.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV

Cid is first seen in Baron after Cecil is discharged from his post as captain of the Red Wings. He heard the bad news, and apologizes to Cecil. However, he has to rush home before his daughter scolds him. He is next seen sleeping in his bed in the town of Baron. At this time, he is also working on a new prototype airship, the Enterprise. However, he notices that the king is not acting like his normal self and is performing many evil deeds. As a result, Cid hides the Enterprise and refuses to show it to the king. He is thus imprisoned for treason.

Cecil, Tellah, Yang Fang Leiden, Palom, and Porom have to free Cid by defeating the king, who turns out to be Caignazzo, the Fiend of Water. After Caignazzo is defeated, Cid is free and runs to meet Cecil, and then joins his party after he learns about what happened to Rosa Farrell.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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Artwork of Cid by Amano

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