Cid Raines

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Cid Raines
FFXIII Cid Raines.jpg
Job Brigadier General
Gender Male
Height 6'6 (apx)

Cid Raines is an antagonist from Final Fantasy XIII. He is a Brigadier General for Sanctum's Guardian Corps, leading an airship fleet on the Lindblum (named for the city in Final Fantasy IX. Cid works closely with Oerba Yun Fang, who helps him capture Snow Villiers. Later, Cid and his airship crew rescue the main party from Yaag Rosch. Cid eventually reveals himself to be a Cocoon l'Cie, making an attempt to stop the party.

[edit] Boss Battle

Cid Raines
Type Others
Sub-Type L'Cie
Location Fifth Ark

Cid is encountered as a boss in the Fifth Ark.

[edit] Stats

Level HP Strength Magic
68 226,800 136 172
Stagger Chain Res CP
300% 90 6000
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth
- - - - - -
Physical Magical
Halves Halves
Status Effects
Deprotect Deshell Slow Poison Imperil Curse
30% 30% 70% 30% 30% 70%
Pain Fog Daze Death Dispel Provoke
10% 10% Immune Immune - 100%
Other Information
Location Fifth Ark
Drops Tetradic Crown (normal-100%)
Attacks/Abilities Cure, Curasa, Dazega, Defensive Shift, Deprotega, Deshellga, Doom, Esuna, Haste, Guard, Metamorphose, Offensive Shift, Poisonga, Protect, Recovery Shift, Ruin, Ruinga, Seraphic Ray, Shell, Vigilance
Other Delivers devastating physical attacks. Executes powerful magic attacks. Susceptible to Slow. Plans actions according to target's role.

[edit] Strategy

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