Clan League

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Clan League
No. 043 - Clan League FFTA.jpg
Mission No.: 043
Duration: 25 Days
Mission Type: Side
Price: 3000 Gil
Rank: 4
Rewards: 22600 Gil, Peytral, 1 Item, Dmg2: Human Card #

Clan League is a mission in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. For a complete list, see Missions (FFTA).

[edit] Description

Clan League finals to be held in the Bervenia Palace courtyard! See the favorites, the Brown Rabbits, go against Clan Nutsy. [Special laws in effect.] Other Notes: You cannot use any Law Cards in this battle

  1. You must also read the Tourney romour to unlock this mission

[edit] Enemies Encountered

[edit] Location

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