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Cosmo Canyon is Red XIII’s hometown from Final Fantasy VII, and is located in the southeast of the western continent. It mainly serves as a center for those who wish to study the life of the Planet. A large observatory sits at the top of the canyon, and many shops and an inn are below.

Prior to the events of FFVII, AVALANCHE was founded in Cosmo Canyon. It was also the location of a war between the people of Cosmo Canyon and the Gi Tribe.

[edit] Shops

Weapon Shop
Item Cost
Butterfly Edge 2800 gil
Tiger Fang 2500 gil
Heavy Vulcan 2700 gil
Prism Staff 2600 gil
Silver Barrette 2500 gil
Pinwheel 2600 gil
Green M-Phone 2400 gil
Silver Armlet 1300 gil

Item Shop
Item Cost
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Ether 1500 gil
Maiden's Kiss 150 gil
Cornucopia 150 gil
Soft 150 gil
Hyper 100 gil
Tranquilizer 100 gil
Tent 500 gil

Materia Shop
Item Cost
MP Plus 8000 gil
HP Plus 8000 gil
Mystify 6000 gil
Transform 5000 gil

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