Crimson Squad

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Crimson Squad is a defunct group featured in Final Fantasy X-2, created during the events of Final Fantasy X. The squad was a failed mission created by the Crusaders leader Kinoc during Operation Mi'ihen. Their sole mission was to investigate the Den of Woe, and retrieve information about the mysterious apparition (Shuyin) that resided there. Those who survived would have became leaders of Crusader chapters across Spira. When the candidates entered the Den of Woe, Shuyin possessed their bodies, making them feel his pain over Lenne. Since the members were all weilding guns, the group members saw each other as the armed guards that killed Lenne and Shuyin. Filled with sorrow, they turned their guns on each other. The four surviving members all became leaders or members of powerful groups in Spira. When Nooj, Baralai, Gippal, and Paine left the Den of Woe, Kinoc's men fired upon them. All the information reguarding the Squad was erased, except for ten spheres, which can be used to break the seal to the Den of Woe.

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