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Type Others
Sub-Type fal'Cie
Location Taejin's Tower

Dahaka is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII found in Taejin's Tower.

[edit] Stats

Level HP Strength Magic
53 2,314,800 743 761
Stagger Chain Res CP
320% 70 33,000
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth
- - - - - -
Physical Magical
Halves -
Status Effects
Deprotect Deshell Slow Poison Imperil Curse
1% Immune 1% Immune 50% Immune
Pain Fog Daze Death Dispel Provoke
Immune Immune Immune Immune - 30%
Other Information
Location Taejin's Tower
Drops Tetradic Tiara (normal-100%)
Attacks/Abilities Aeroga, Bone-chilling Breaker, Dilluvial Plague, Doom, Faith, Firaga, Fire, Foul Utterance, Fulminous Firestorm, Haste, Thunder
Other Executes powerful magic attacks. Capable of inflicting Imperil. Capable of bestowing Faith. Susceptible to Imperil.

[edit] Strategy

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