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Gender Male
Race Hume
Home Rabanastre (Lowtown)

Dalan, affectionately known as Old Dalan, is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XII. He has given Vaan the nickname "Vaan Ratsbane" because of his slaying of rats in the Garamsythe Waterway. Dalan is a catalyst for some of the major events of the game. Early in the game, Vaan seeks out Old Dalan in Lowtown, asking for a way to sneak into the Royal Palace. He advises him to create sunstones in Giza Plains, and upon Vaan's return, he grants him the Crescent Stone. The Crescent Stone allows Vaan to enter the palace and plunder its treasury.

After escaping Nalbina Dungeon, Vaan returns to Dalan once more. Dalan gives him a sword to deliver to Vossler Azelas, Resistance member and former captain of the Dalmascan army. Dalan's intent, it would seem, is to remind Vossler of the old order to keep him from allying with the Empire.

Though this is Dalan's last storyline appearance, the player must visit him again to open the quest to find the optional Esper, Chaos.

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