Dark Bahamut (FFX)

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Dark Bahamut
Dark bahamut.jpg
Aeon Name Bahamut
HP 4,000,000
Strength 245
Defence 234
Magic 222
Magic Defence 233
Agility 255
Luck 102
Evasion 0
Accuracy 250

Dark Bahamut is an optional boss in the International and PAL versions of Final Fantasy X.

[edit] Location

Dark Bahamut is found guarding the Zanarkand Temple. If you go to where you fought Yunalesca you will be forced to fight Dark Bahamut.

[edit] Recommended Battle Strategy

Stoneproof is a must. Dark Bahamuts impulse attack will do around 30,000 damage and also has a chance to turn you to stone. Auto-phoenix is a must. Dark Bahamut's HP is quite high and he isn't a push over. There are two other things that are a MUST which are Auto-Haste and Auto-Protect. These two things will cut the damage he does by a half and give you more goes to defeat him so you spend less turns getting yourself ready to be killed. Wakka is again the most important character as he has one of the highest damaging Overdrives in the Game. Entrust at this point can be a good idea. When his overdrive bar is full he will unleash Mega Flare which not even Auto-life can save you from so its a good idea to use the aeons at that point, the best aeon would be Anima and to use her Overdrive you may be able to do a lot of damage, although Aeons tend to do little damage to Dark Aeons. You'll be lucky to do 500,000 damage against Bahamut with Anima's Overdrive (it should do around 2.5million damage against an ordinary enemy). Grand Summon is a BAD idea, your Aeon will be toast the next move and Aeons also tend to increase their overdrive Gauges even more. Use Quick Hit to attack multiple times. If you have max strength you should do around 99,999 damage with each normal hit.

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