Dark Sandy

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Dark Sandy
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Boss Name Dark Magus Sisters
HP 2,500,000
Strength 186
Defence 201
Magic 207
Magic Defence 168
Agility 201
Luck 80
Evasion 100
Accuracy 255

Dark Sandy is an optional boss battle in the International and PAL versions of Final Fantasy X.

[edit] Recommended Battle Strategy

Dark Sandy is strong even on her own, her Razzia attack will lower your defence so you will have to watch out. It would be easier if you have auto-phoenix on one of two of the characters so your character is instantly revived. Her overdrive isn't a big problem, but watch out if you don't have high HP as the Mega Graviton can do a lot of damage. Use quick hits and keep attack her, this should be fairly quick, but as her speed is higher than Dark Cindy's it may be a bit harder and healing may be required..

See Also: Dark Aeons or Dark Magus Sisters

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